Translating Learning Sciences Research for the Classroom

When:  Sep 26, 2022 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)

AACTE has teamed up with the leaders of Digital Promise’s Learner Variability Project to address systems-level transformation that directly addresses the challenges students face by using the Learner Variability Navigator (LVN); a free open source tool to make learning sciences research accessible to educators.  Earlier this year, a representative group of AACTE members were introduced to the project and navigation tools and, using their feedback, we are pleased to bring you webinar series that lifts up tools and practices with the Learner Variability Project most relevant to the educator preparation field.

Join us for our first webinar on September 26th, Digital Promise's Learner Variability Navigation Tools for Whole Child Learning in Teacher Education: Part 1, a conversation on translating learning sciences research into a web app that paints a picture of whole child learning.  Hear from panelists Dr. Rachel Bersharat Mann, Sarah Oberle and Ty Johnson about their experiences translating learning sciences into practice and using the Learner Variability Navigator to support their practice in teacher education and the classroom.  We’ll discuss the role of research in teacher education and practice, and why understanding learner variability matters for supporting equitable learning! Moderated by Alison Shell and Jessica Jackson from the Learner Variability Project at Digital Promise, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to equity in education.