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Safe Travels and Reminders!

  • 1.  Safe Travels and Reminders!

    Posted 06-01-2023 04:16 PM
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    I am looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday! A few reminders as you set out for your travels:

    As you schedule visits with your Congressional representatives, please be sure to update the "2023 Day on the Hill Congressional Meeting Status" tracker which can be found under the Library tab with your other Washington Week materials. All attendees are responsible for scheduling their own visits with their Congressional Representatives in the House. As State Leads,  you will schedule Senate visits for the state delegation (you should also schedule your own Senate visit if you are the only member attending from your state at this time). While you and your teams are responsible for scheduling visits, AACTE is ready to help in several ways:

    Please review our detailed video explainer on scheduling meetings with members of Congress located in to AACTE Connect360 under the Washington Week 2023 community. There you will find an updated list of meeting registrants (so you can coordinate with colleagues from your state), a checklist for successful meetings, and background material on AACTE's legislative priorities. Please be sure to engage our doctoral scholars during the process- they are an important part of our advocacy and outreach efforts.

    State Leads are responsible for scheduling the Senate visits for your state and communicating the schedule to your state delegation. You can find the list of registrants from your state under the Library tab on the sheet entitled "WW Attendee List".  Please be sure to use this resource to communicate with representatives from your state delegation.

    Doctoral scholars are not responsible for scheduling their own visits but rather should attend visits with their faculty sponsor. Please remember to include scholars in all communications. Also, if you have not yet heard back from an office after making a request this is the right time to follow up. Things have been quite hectic for staff in the past few weeks and bumping your request to the top of their inbox will often help. If you would like me to conduct any follow-up on your behalf if you are still having difficulty making contact, please send me an email and I am happy to assist.

    I have attached the most up to date registrant list which is also under the library and includes email addresses for those attending from your state. This is a great way for everyone to communicate with one another- don't be shy, reach out to your colleagues before coming to DC to schedule those visits and make sure youre updating the tracker along the way once they are confirmed. If you are having any problems or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at kbrennan@aacte.org. I am here for you.See you soon!Kait 

    Kaitlyn Brennan
    Washington DC
    +1 (202) 293-2450


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